Salman Khan

Salman Khan (Bollywood Actor)

__________________________________________________________________ Message for Salman and his fans

Dear Salman

You are a great actor!! You are a good man, you have helped many people. We certainly need more people like you in our society. People who are sharing the part of their success and wealth for good causes. We like you for who you are!

But good man and good actors can also make mistakes. You are also human not Almighty. I do not know whether you have committed that crime or not. But what I do know is innocent people have lost their lives. If you have made that mistake (it was not a small one!!) Than instead of making more mistakes to hide that one mistake. Accept the punishment and repent!! People will love and respect you more after five years.

But if you are innocent (which seems unlikely in this scenario) though I sincerely hope you really are. Than of course do not worry, your clear heart and soul will never let you fall. People will know the truth sooner or later. Even if they do not know, it hardly matters, important is you know your truth and that is enough!!

Salman fans help your idol to walk on the right road. He is indeed a great guy, I have absolutely no doubts about it. I like him too but he did something wrong, really wrong! which is not acceptable!! To support him (such people) is not in favour of judicial system and humanity. Wrong doers must be Punished…..They must!! How can we ignore such a mistake in which innocent people have lost their lives and witnesses have suffered….!!

Being human is not good enough Being RIGHT human is more important!!

Please support only those who are innocent and right. By this I am not indicating only towards Salman or only celebrities. I am also indicating towards common man’s work place, your family, you friends, your city, your town, your community…your circle!

One must stand only by the side of right!!

Help the people who have knowingly or unknowingly made the mistake. Help them to come out of that vicious cycle of bad karma. Do not follow them in their wrong         merry-go-round. Think!! Sometimes punishment is not bad, its a learning too. If your loved ones have committed any crime and they are punished by the law think about it in positive light. Being in prison could be the best thing ever for them. They will get time to do self-analysis, reflect and become better person than ever. Support them and give them time.

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes, We all repent and we all learn. Do not make a big deal about life in prison. Prisons are made so that people could reflect and change themselves. It is important for the society’s well being. Sometimes hardships are necessary to make people realise that wrong doings are simply wrong and they are not acceptable. Please do not support or encourage the wrong doers. Certainly, help them to correct themselves.

You can do this by raising your voice against their acts and by straight away telling them that the wheels of time could not go backward but in order to make the future better. Motivate them by saying, “Dear loved one donot be afraid to accept the mistake and take the punishment whatever it is and come out as a better human being. You will be given many more chances in life to achieve your goals”. It will certainly require lot of courage to do this. But I think you will get it automatically the moment you will take out the goggles of blind love for your loved ones from your eyes. Your decisions,  behaviour and actions will also help them in long run. They will get free forever from that web of their wrong doings in which they are anyway suffering. Their wrong thoughts and acts  are dominating their minds. And most importantly by doing this you will be able to protect not only your loved one but also the innocent people and contribute in maintaining the peace and high moral values in your home, neighbourhood and the world on whole. We all become one at some point. We all get affected together!!

Salman’s and Society’s Well wisher!! – Rashmi R-R ___________________________