Twin Boys by Chris Buzelli

(Painting – `Twin Boys’ / Artist – Chris Buzelli)

Twins were born!

They got their name registered even before they opened their eyes.                                   – Surface and Core.

Twins were of the same age, same years, same minutes in fact same seconds. They started growing up together like a mirror image. One was growing inside and one outside. Everyone recognised Surface – the one who was growing outside. No one ever saw or met with the Core. They just knew he is there, somewhere inside. It was  enough for everyone to relate with the surface because according to them Surface and  Core were anyway mirror image of each other, knowing one of them was enough. No one made any efforts to meet or understand core as core really was. In fact, Core himself thought the same for many years.

One fine day when it was dark outside, Core heard the voice of strong storms through the ears of Surface. It was at this particular moment he realised that he is someone else and he couldn’t relate anymore with Surface. He wanted to scream and inform everyone outside to recognise this fact. He was able to see everyone from inside, walking and talking with Surface. He saw every single movement outside, he heard everything. But no one was able to see or hear him. He realised his voice and his identity got lost under the strong personality of Surface. In fact, he was in a prison since the day he was born and he didn’t even realised. Paradox!!

Core didn’t even realised when he became someone totally different from his exterior. Now, the phase of complete confusion started. He started questioning in the dark, all alone. Why the face and body was given only to Surface? Why he was not given the opportunity to show himself to the world? Was he really a mirror image, if yes, why he feels differently? Why can’t he relate with his twin brother anymore? How should he break free?

So he started banging day and night without any success. All his efforts were going into vain. He learned one million ways which doesn’t work. But than came the day when his experiment and quest of becoming free, worked. This moment came when he stopped banging. He became content in himself. He accepted himself. And it was at this golden moment when suddenly the surface started passing through him. Before he could understand anything he was outside and surface was inside. All the people outside were quite happy to meet Core – Surface. However, only few wise men and women could recognise Core. Rest felt the difference but didn’t had the wisdom to understand the transformation process. For them whether it was core or surface it made no difference. They have limited time to interact with anyone of them, anyway.

These days core and surface interchange their places quite often. They enjoy this change and sometimes enjoy the game when people couldn’t recognise whether they are meeting core or surface.

They both have started enjoying the tastes of diversity and similarity.

Written by Rashmi R-R