"the two Fridas" - Painting by Frida Kahlo

(Painting – `The two Fridas’ – Frida Kahlo)

While oscillating between day and night Sussane had to constantly meet look alike/s. Although they all look similar on physical level, they were different on behavioural level. Sussane was born in the race of `Strange human beings’, who generally used their feet to keep themselves rooted on the ground and their main work was to oscillate between day and night from birth till death.

Although she herself was a strange human being but sometimes she used to wonder what is the purpose of oscillation? And where is the way out from this big ocean of fellow beings? How to make her oscillation work the best in this lifetime? How to protect her heart from other fellow beings attack? She realised, most of them were professionally trained to make the oscillations hard for others, they were specializing in this art of creating difficulties.

On one fine day, Sussane stopped oscillating and meeting with any other look alike. She felt that she doesn’t like meeting anymore with her fellow beings. Because when she meet them they tear her heart apart. It takes her two full oscillation rounds to repair the blood less wounds. She didn’t knew the art of attacking neither was she trained to defend her heart. But she was not ready to get wounded again and again so she simply stopped for a while. And started thinking about an easy solution for this difficult problem. She kept thinking for very long time on how to deal with this strange human beings world. She was a strong-minded woman but her mind was fully controlled by her heart. And heart doesn’t fit everywhere. So the heart really had many problems.

After sitting on the pendulum for few days and observing others oscillation day after day. She thought about fixing the problem by inventing a heart mould. Work started with lot of energy and enthusiasm. But soon Sussane realised she has chosen the wrong heart for her experiments – her own heart. That’s one of the most complicated, sensitive and difficult to fit in heart. But she didn’t turn her back on her self-started experimented and took this work as a challenge. After working day and night, she started finding the reasons why her heart doesn’t fit in.

Heart Adaptability problem in the external environment was detected.

Sussane’s heart was focussed too much on its own way of thinking. It ignored the big picture of how the individual /group hearts thinks. When one heart meets other heart  bonding takes place on a very personal level. But when one heart meets a group of hearts scenario changes. Hearts collectively function in group and if one heart could not understands and follow this group heart thinking it feels uncomfortable. It does not easily accept the fact that the group have their own opinion based on their own diverse experiences. And therefore, it does not fit in. In such situations Sussane’s heart starts feeling lonely, doubt his own abilities and consider itself as the one poor little heart which is being crushed by the group of hearts.

Self imagined scenario!!

This feeling for a while makes the heart feel extremely `L3′ (symptom – Low, Lonely and Left out) but after sometime it gives him pleasure. Because in this self-created scenario heart makes himself a good guy and the other hearts bad guys. It assumes, it does not fit in because he is the good heart and since there are very less good hearts in the world it doesnot fit in and it must not connect with the bad guys. Therefore, it decides to keep away from other fellow beings and as a result it stops connecting and oscillating instead of trying to adjust.

Sussane analysed the problem is in the heart shield.

As soon as the heart starts oscillating in the external environment shield becomes very stiff. So she used some extra abstract materials like adaptability powder and fit in liquids to make the schield flexible. After many days of labour the new heart shield was ready.

Anatomical Heart mould

Sussane and her heart was nervous at their first sample testing in the external environment. The heart protected by the new shield was carried in between the group of other hearts. Suddenly, Sussane’s heart-felt a little adjusting pain but within few seconds it was enjoying, laughing and dancing with the other hearts. Other hearts were doing exactly the same what they used to do earlier. Their behaviour didn’t changed a bit but this time Sussane’s heart was well prepared. It adapted the environment because of the new heart shield. The mould protected it from the infections of negative particles, it filtered all the comments and thoughts which was not of much use for healthy life and the remaining components which finally touched Sussane’s heart were the ones which made her feel positive and happy. The modern heart shield’s flexibility and filtration method made Sussane’s heart fit in completely with other fellow beings.

Sussane’s successful heart shield experiment was socially very well accepted. Heart  shields became talk of the town first, followed by the talk of the business and it was even available in different colours to match the dresses. This new invention helped many hearts which were earlier finding it hard to fit in and increasing their every day oscillation performance.

Written by Rashmi R-R