Yes it is month of advent – coming of Almighty. These were the lines about Advent which I always remember during the last month of the year. “It is believed this is the month when about 2000 years ago Jesus came into the world as a baby to live as a man and die for us”.

On Tuesday, 16 December 2014 I felt Jesus  came  again in spirit. Just in case if you have missed his arrival turn on tv or switch on any media device you have at home, even the papers lying on the footpaths flying in isolation in search of readers will also be able to inform you about this world famous news. Jesus came into the world in the body of students and died for us, this time 132 times. Time and again – innocent!!

Children have disappeared from Earth. Now all of them are safe and sound with Almighty.


Actually, this time Jesus didn’t came alone. He came with himself in another form Allah. The task was difficult this time, Jesus had to die not once but 132 times. This time not only Mother Mary but hundreds of Mother Mary’s are crying after his disappearance. The work of consoling was left on Allah. Right now Allah is in Pakistan, to be specific  in  Peshawar which is also called the “city on the frontier”. He is with the student’s families, in those homes where the beds in the kids room are empty, balls and cricket bats haven’t moved since four days, pen and paper are waiting to get filled from those  small hands and bright minds, mothers eyes are fixed on the home entrance gates, they are waiting for the school to get over and children to return back home, food has turned cold lying on the table, fathers are waiting for their future hope, playgrounds are waiting for future athletes, future is waiting for his young leaders, laboratories are waiting for future scientists, everywhere someone is waiting for them to return from school except  graveyards which were quite busy this week. Students didn’t came back home. They will never return, the waiting time is forever.

The people who killed Jesus came back to repeat their bloody task again. Again the blood covered the paths and the history. Almighty came and carried all the 132 students in his care. They are happy, in peace, and safe in heaven. Now with Jesus, all of them are waiting for Allah to return back. Allah has informed Jesus he is dealing with difficult task on earth. The cries of Mothers are shaking three worlds, what has happened will never be forgotten. Every single mother and father on the planet earth are questioning him thousands of “Why” questions in different languages, following different set of rules, wearing different clothes, reading different books, speaking different set of words, in different geographic locations and at different time zones. Infact people on earth are calling him by different names some call him Allah, some Jesus, some Krishna, some Buddha, and many more. Allah smiles looking at Jesus and says, “We are one, one power, I wish someday earthly beings could understand this. Almighty loves his people and understand their pain, therefore he comes in different forms to answer their questions and stay close to them in their most difficult times”. Allah continued, “My people need me and I am continuously whispering answers in their ears. I am sending so many signs to them, informing them that their loved ones are in better place, safe, environment, happy surrounding, in peace, in our love and care. They must not worry, they should bring themselves together, they must take care of themselves and their families, they must do their daily duties sincerely, and move on with life. Each life will end one day, everyone will meet everyone again and again. Bodies, time and locations are changing but souls are same”. Everyone will meet their loved ones again.

Almighty is also trying to give special message of the children to their mothers        “Dear mother, we are very happy here. The only one thing which is making us sad is to see you crying day and night. We are very close to you mamma, we can see you. If you want us to be happy than you have to continue with the life in a happy mood. Don’t stop! We want to see you smiling. Do good deeds for the welfare of everyone. Teach the society the lesson of forgiveness. We will meet you again. Please don’t cry mamma!! Please take care of yourself and all others in our family and community. We love you Mumma. Don’t be angry with our killers they will be punished. They don’t know what they did and what they are preparing to do in future. They themselves are trapped in the evil cycle of thoughts and deeds. They are suffering on earth and they will suffer in hell also. If you meet them, be compassionate, show them the right path. Forgive them Mamma!! Ammi keep praying Allah can hear you. He will give you our messages. We are happy here, don’t worry.”

However, on earth forgiveness will be scared to face parents, teachers, broken hearts, empty schools and sad houses. Yes, its month of Advent – Jesus and Allah came together, died once again for us and they came back again. They are around!! Almighty is around!! Do the right things!! Follow right path!! You are being watched!! Pray!!

This world is turning itself into a big jungle full of beasts – beware remaining human beings!!

Written by Rashmi R-R


Reference:Pakistan Tragedy (16 December, 2014)            http://www.bbc.com/news/live/world-asia-30491113

My deepest thoughts, prayers and condolences are with you dear families in Pakistan. You will meet your loved once again, sooner or later. They were God’s children now in a safe environment, smiling….!!

Rest in Peace 141 fellow human beings!!