79315310  Today pending tasks have consumed, eaten up, swallowed, and digested my wonderful sunday afternoon without any hesitation. When almost everyone I know were busy in preparing for the most famous christmas weekend get-together. I forced myself to be left alone with computer. Well, I shouldn’t complain as this was my decision to finish the pending work before the end of the year. And I have just sacrificed one sunday till now, should I be complaining. Well, don’t know but some words spoken in that direction do make me feel good. So its alright to complain a bit. Though it’s just one sunday but its a holiday, and sacrificing free day is a big thing in the age we are living. My employed readers will agree for sure. One thought had crossed my mind once that New year must begin with no pending baggage lying around. I thought it will be so nice to enter light weight through the new years gate. O yes, I know what you are thinking about shedding some body weight, shedding some house weight, and shedding all the weights lying around which are becoming a burden on life are also on my pending work list. But today the focus was on the electronic pending work lying comfortably inside my computer.

Well, it felt so perfect and fascinating when this idea was in abstract form but implementing it is a pure hell, to put it straight on the table. How come an organised person like myself have so much pending work. This is one question which I ask myself in every December. Additional pending work also includes thousands of electronic folders with millions of unwanted files. I kept asking myself those same set of questions billion times during that self-grilling phase.  Why do I have some of  those files in diverse forms msword, powerpoint, excel sheets, articles, videos, pictures at the first place, why did I save them, they are absolutely irrelevant for me and my life. We do not need each other. I have never even opened them second time and I donot have any plans in coming life to do this exercise, than why it took my so long just to press -delete- button, this action takes just a fraction of second. Someone is my mind was trying to answer all the questions but I gave no chance to critise my perfect being. My pending work also includes putting all the irrelevant stuff in the electronic dustbin. Day and the pending work felt like never-ending. During this proccess boredom captured every single cell moving freely in my body. I was almost pulling myself through the day, trying to fulfil the promise I made to myself and continuously getting angry on my past and present decisions, easily visible on my computer screen in the form of pending tasks.

 And than a wonderful thing happened.

I turned my head on the left side to detach myself from the things I must do and I really do not feel like doing. But sometimes just a simple move has a power to change the perspective of the things happening in the present. Through the transparent glasses of my window and my neighbour’s door, I saw a family engrossed in Christmas tree decoration. Man of the house was sitting on the ground trying to figure out how to balance the new age technology with the ages old traditional tree. The plastic lighted up tubes were wondering for how long they have to wait on the ground. Lady of the house was collecting the small decorations in the small corner near the tree and simultaneously running in between the kitchen and the living room to control the free movement of steam and water coming out of the cooking utensil. Bell rang, elderly family members living in other building entered and instantly were offered a voluntary job to become the assistants of the host for that evening. They accepted the offer willingly. There are some tasks for which people wait to get involved entire year. Christmas decorations are one of those tasks. And secondly, the smell coming out of the kitchen must have silently informed them that the dinner is going to be exceptionally delicious but they will get to see, and touch the filled plates only after the work is finished. Finally with team efforts electric lights tubes found a proper place to sit and shine in circle on the Christmas tree. While siting on the Christmas tree group of flirtatious ladies blinked continuously. So some flirting has already started between the humble tree and the naughty lights. They have a full month to make or break this new relationship. House was lighted up, and everyone sat around the table with the most awaited food right in front of them. Piano music and candle lights declared the evening is wonderful.

Half of my evening was saved from the attack of boredom, all thanks to my neighbour’s activity and my eyesight which was present in the relaxed surrounding of their house for a very long time. Now my changed mission of the day is to save the rest of the evening. I am going to make it special by carrying my entire body outside. So, here I am shutting down my computer, mentally and soon will be physically ready to run and join the get-together. Oh ya, about the pending work…..!! It will finish some day….for sure, not today!!

Written by Rashmi R-R



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