Painting - Girl Rain; Artist - Vladislav Shurganov

(Painting –  Girl Rain / Artist – Vladislav Shurganov)


And than it started raining again!!

Why does rain has to fall all the time on my corridor? Rain creates all kinds of chaos and confusion.

O how terrible I must be sounding to the readers of my thoughts. But how does it matter anyway. Terrible or not terrible!! Who is out there to judge if we don’t give anyone the permission to do so.

Yes, Rain is terrible today!! Ryla thought of sticking to her provocative statement.

She kept cleaning her terrace floor, tables, windows and everything else that has a drop of water on it. She was doing it with heavy heart. Perhaps, her actions had some relation with the thought streams flowing in her mind. She was worried about the health of her friend who was far away lying in the hospital bed. Ryla could do nothing for her, except thinking, praying and getting angry on rain.

Poor rain entered her corridor like an uninvited guest on a not so good day. So, it has to face Ryla’s anger attack. It was actually not only about the friend’s sickness, it was about everything happening around, planes are forced to fall, people dying, children are being killed, protests everywhere, new career, ongoing education, business startup in the family, media news, radio broadcasts, noises, never-ending tasks, cooking, cleaning, family, finance and now this stupid rain. How much can one person handle after all. Does the world forgot to set limits?

On top of that all the self-made judges around staring with mouths wide open, waiting for you to fall in that rain and get your whole identity covered up with the dirty mud. Will Ryla allow that to happen. May be she will or may be she will not.  Time will narrate the rest at the right time.

She has to control all her senses and the world too. She must become friends with rain as soon as she possibly can. Getting wet, jumping in mud, dancing in rain is not that bad after all. It’s certainly, not a solution but it’s not a problem also. Cleaning in the rain cleaned Ryla’s mind too. She forgot about the judges and the miseries of the world. She brought rain in her house and spent several hours laughing with her new friend rain. Rain told her, its alright to stop for a while and she also advised her to stop controlling the things which she could not, its alright to accept one’s limitations.

– Rashmi R-R