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Meaning of “Being professional” is highly misunderstood these days!!

Innocent cheerful people are forced to put up a big mask of serious expressions. Unaware of the serious hidden effects they are busy in practising “less words” trend to make themselves fit in poorly defined “professional” class.

Following this trend is slowly and silently making work environment difficult. Communication gaps are increasing on daily basis and people are walking towards the dark zone of self-doubts. In the end this is leading only towards affecting overall work and team/individual performances.

Being happy and easygoing even at workplace could make things so much easier. There is no harm in becoming little “less professional”. If that’s how world want to understand the existing defective categorization.

In my opinion one can be a serious professional still easy-going on upper surface. It surely has many direct positive effects not only on one’s health, personality and normal life but also on the people who have no option but to stay in your close proximity. This could also solve so many medical problems arising these days such as stress, blood pressure, etc without even swallowing a pill. Number of relationships could be saved in both professional and personal lives.

Workplaces are slowly becoming laboratories having an intension of transforming human beings into machines and getting maximum output. Innocent people are also considering such practise grounds a perfect set up for their professional and personal development.

This has to stop somewhere!!

Sense of humour and easy attitude is the prescribed magical medicine for so-called professionals. Try it, instant results guarantee!!

A lot of work is required to define “being professionals”. Academicians and Practitioners …door bell is ringing…!!!

Written by Rashmi R-R