Waiting Room by Katharine A Cartwright

(Painting: Waiting Room / Artist: Katharine A Cartwright)


As soon as I entered in the waiting room my eyes glued on a very elegantly dressed young woman sitting near the window. She was wearing cream colour right fit blazer with an excellent top, which was peeking from inside and making her look even more attractive. She was wearing delicate pearl necklace, matching earings, and a ring. She was of my age group that made me even more curious to look at the way she carried her self in elegance. That too while sitting in a boring waiting room.

When one waits for their appointment turn in a public office, there is no shortage of time. One can easily do a detail observation until the target person doesn’t realise. Well, she was busy pressing buttons on her white mobile, so I had no problem in doing some mute research. Her bright grey eyes, neatly combed hair and a branded bag lying carelessly on lap was undoubtedly making her look like a beautiful and smart executive. I had to do something until my turn comes. So I thought of doing some brain exercises. I started by thinking what could be her profession. May be she was a senior executive at a Bank, or must be holding a position in higher management. Her finger language suggested she  was engaged in serious written conversation, probably with her colleagues about a big profit or loss in a highly successful company.

Right at this moment a Jew couple entered with their little son, few days old. They looked so happy, they were in their own world. They were looking at the pictures, talking and laughing with each other in a very subtle and innocent way. Everyone around must have send lot of invisible wishes in their direction. Life doesn’t give you many chances to enjoy so freely. Hope they stay this way all their life. My thoughts direction was diverted for a while.

I turned my head back to where it was. Suddenly, some thing caught my attention. That young woman was wearing a jeans which had big linear cuts at many places, specially near knee area. And right below her jeans were shoes which were also strange. Difficult to explain how they looked like but they were not at all like the one which the women having such an elegant upper body outfit and style should be wearing.

My observation got a big blow. Her appearance was portraying people of entirely two different classes. Upper half portrayed a rich class, delicacy, beauty, smartness and success. While the lower half was like a young person who lost her direction, who was running her own rebellion campaign against this world, lost in a fashion trend which has no logic behind, financially weak and confused.

I thought what kind of generation is this. Or if this is what they call a trend, what kind of senseless trend it is. They confuse people or may be they are confused themselves. I have no problems, if someone is rich or poor, successful or rich, beautiful or ugly but they should portray what they really are. At that point I had no idea who she really was. I didn’t thought any further as my appointment number appeared on the electronic screen. Later I thought, thank goodness I didn’t thought of becoming a detective. That would certainly be a misfit for me.

 Author: Rashmi R-R