I read this quote in the afternoon.

“…Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way…” by General George Patton

My Brain instantly announced it to be the quote of the day. Quote became happy and decided to stay for a while with the brain. When they both were having a philosophical discussion after dinner, everyone else started disappearing quietly. Eyes went into the meditation room, organs went into the relaxing zone, lights declared early off from their duty. Brain and quote were aware of the actions taking place around them but these changes hardly disturbed their ongoing provocative discussion. After sometime they noticed someone was watching them from outside. This time the string of their discussion was broken. It was dark inside and outside, but their were no visibility issues because of stranger’s shining white dress. Window glass was the only barrier between them. Discussion stopped, silence became alert, stranger came closer and said, “I am not here to lead or follow. I came here just to give you a small gift of guiding light and goodnight wishes. Now I am out of your way, …on my way”. Even before anyone could react, stranger was already on his way.

“Goodnight Moon” these were the last words heard that night. Beautiful dream began her daily night shift….

 Author: Rashmi R-R                           ____________________________________________________