(Painting : Rage / Artist : Sarah Goodyear)


Whenever you feel angry with someone or have problems in forgiving always remember is it really worth it!!! Life is too short!!! Don’t waste your precious life time on earth stuck in this spider web. It will lead you to nowhere but it will surely bring you down, it will not let you enjoy your time here. This will affect no one but you. Secondly, may be you have your reasons to get angry but may be others have their own reasons too. There are always two sides of a story. Thirdly, don’t forget you are not almighty. You have also made mistakes and people have forgiven you. Fourthly, how can we judge whether someone has done right or wrong, that’s just a perception. May be what is wrong in your eyes is correct in their eyes. Think about it!!

Try to unite!!!! Leave your baggage behind, run fast and hug your loved ones……!!! Don’t wait!!! Life is unpredictable!!! Anything can happen anytime!! Stay on this earth free of all these negative emotions and feelings. Love everyone!!!

Always stay in happy mood. Whenever you feel a negative emotion like anger or hatred or any other negative feelings/thoughts/past memory which brings you down or which makes you feel low or bring tears of sadness in your beautiful eyes. Let that emotion pass, it might take few minutes. Trick is – when these negative emotions become dominant just let them pass through you. You just witness their action as an audience. Keep informing yourself they are not yours, you are a happy person, how can they be yours. Try to get rid of them as soon as possible. After few minutes come back into normal happy mood, forget and move on.

Only remember good times, good memories. Whenever you meet them (ppl who were/are/will be coming in your life). Meet them very happily, it doesn’t matter what kind of relation you had in the past. All that matter is NOW!! PRESENT!! Give them lots of wishes for their well-being and also get lots of wishes and blessings for your own, your family, your kids.. well-being.

Always remember… don’t know who will be there with you tomorrow. Give at least good memories and smile to them until they or you are around. This will be your best gift you can give to anyone and your contribution to this mankind. No one will carry any material things from here but may be someone might carry some good memories or even if they will not or cannot they will spend a good life time thinking about you here on this planet. If your heart will be full of good wishes for them they will stay connected with you forever. You will never lose anyone.

So, do you feel angry anymore……..!!!
Unburden yourself, walk light………!!!
Destination is not far………………….!!!

Author: Rashmi R-R