After watching a motivational biography last night on a small screen of mobile, in complete darkness, my blood veins and dreams were filled with strong determination. But my eyes were angry and my friend head made a strong pressure from inside called “ache” even while I was sleeping. Anyways, I opened my tired but sparkling eyes, and greeted morning with a warrior like smile. Though sparkle soon disappeared, just after the first look at my extremely unpleasing partner for the day long “to-do-list”. Entire day, I did all the routine activities, of course which had nothing to do with my list. I took my own sweet time in doing each and every task like eating, taking shower, praying, walking, shopping, chatting, even making tea, etc. But I did not allowed determination to finish the to- do- list, to go anywhere. Even when I knew she wanted to run away from me to be with my colleague who didn’t moved since morning, actually since last six months from his desk. Anyways, I forcefully made the unstable “determination” to hang around me. Well, you can call me unfair, but a good boss has to do few things to discipline the staff. That’s how it is, like it or not. Because of this list I have to tolerate so much. I have to hear continuously “finish, finish, finish” from all the voices who walk, eat, work, sleep and basically keep an eye on me almost every time. Some call them family, friends, colleagues and well wishers. I have serious doubts about this. Are they really what they are called, sometimes I question this, of course my raised questions are unheard or let me use a better word, they are actually completely ignored. Yes, this one word description “ignored” suits here perfectly. Arguing in my favour is one of my strength and making everyone believe that “all is under control” is my another strength. Holy moly, I have so many strengths, some times I forget about them.

This story started in the morning. Alright its kind of everyday story but allow me to make my writing bit classy. Rewind, krrrrr…so again, this story started in the morning. I successfully managed to pass all my day without finishing a single bullet on my list. Assuring and reassuring me and my self “we have full night” to finish. Finally, when it became dark outside my window. I thought of doing something to make this list finish. I sat, I mean sat again to finish at least few bullets from the list. But than I realised in the afternoon when I checked my to do list thousand and sixth time. Something happened the bullets became bigger, in fact huge, they looked so scary. So I quickly folded the paper and kept the list somewhere far away from my sensitive and innocent self. And I prayed that it must vanish in the eternity, but it didn’t rather one alien  dropped it in the bin. List vanished in the eternity of garbage. People around again had a strange look, they again were trying to convey the same message but this time not in words but with those big round eyes. Again the same message punched my ear drums and for about an hour I heard the echo right behind the ear curtain “finish, finish, finish”. I made my eyelids cover my innocent eyeballs and my recently manicured hands changed themselves into being ear gate keepers. Those scary big eyes and those  nasty voices have only one work to do and that is to make me finish my work on time, rather before time. But do they think this is going to be so easy. I will give them a strong competition. I ate good breakfast and lunch they have no idea about my strength. I will not allow them to walk in the field of victory so easily.

After dealing with all this my brain started knocking my skull pretty hard, and speaking, not really speaking, actually it started screaming that the “to do list is never going to finish”. When my ears heard it first time, they felt a divine relief as well as terrible fear at the same time. Is this the situation when they usually make use of the services of the lazy word – juxtaposition. I hardly see this word working in the streets of communication. Anyways, I have enough to deal with forget about words working hours and style. After tasting the reality right on my tongue, I quickly dived into the eternity of garbage. I did my best, carried the aromatic smells of all kinds in my body. Somehow, this smell was making all the eyes and noses run away from me, this made me feel  stronger. But even after making so much efforts I couldn’t find the monster list in the eternity of the garbage. So I had to divert my attention towards my brain, I found few of bullets of that list still stuck in the flash of my head. I quickly switched on my computer tried one more time to begin before the night will also finish its duty and go back to sleep. But before beginning I had this friendly idea, it wouldn’t take much time to just say quick hallo to my twitter and blog friends.  I am a very social person you see. So here is my hallo and goodbye to you before making a surprise attack on the first bullet of my day’s to do list !! Juxtaposition again – I made this word work twice today!! I am good, wish people around could realise my leadership and time management skills. So friends I enjoyed writing, amused my self, did a writing warm up for today. Now seriously going to make at least one bullet disappear before sleeping, you do the same if you possibly could. “Seriously” is a  heavy  word though. Let’s choose a lighter word “easy”, but may be it too light. Ok! Let’s give the opportunity to the word “conveniently” to show its potential on international writing stage.

This is the story of the day! alright correction, everyday!! Over and Out!!

Author: Rashmi R-R