Zebra Crossing  Today, I saw a little cat walking across a busy road, very slowly and decently on a zebra crossing. All the wheels stopped moving until the four legs reached on the safe side of the road. All the minds around must be thinking did she really knew about the traffic rules or it was just a coincidence. Can she really understand?

Well, whatever the unexplained reasoning was, unspoken respect for the law abiding animal was evident. Smiles greeted her from both sides of the road.

Just after few minutes, I saw a big tall man running across the same busy road. He didn’t cared about the traffic rules at all. Noise of the breaks rubbing the road in anger were loud and clear. Drivers were disgusted with this human behaviour.

I am hearing a lot about gender changes these days, wondering if human-animal behaviour changes are also taking place.
Well, science is doing wonders these days, you never know!!

Author – Rashmi R-R



Zebra crossing said, ” Just step on me when the light turns green!! I’m the new crosswalk. This is my first job since moving to the big city!!”

That’s all pedestrians are required to do, its really very simple!! Try!!