Work Life Balance Signpost Shows Career And Leisure Harmony Outside the window of my room,  silence has covered the entire neighbourhood. Just one night before, there were all kinds of noises coming in my ears,  of fire-crackers, music, laughter, door-bells, guests, families, shoes, kids, dogs and cats. There were people all around in blue, red, green, yellow, multicolour dresses carrying gifts, flowers, plates full of food in and out of there houses, around their gardens, working parents were seen spending time with their little ones and also aged ones, families and friends were so easily visible even from the roadside sitting on their sofa or dinning table or cooking or walking around together.

I even felt the wonderful feeling of being complete in my apartment. It was a good feeling to realise that the apartments in my building were all full during last few days.  Smoke was coming out of every chimney, door-bells were ringing, their were loud greetings and gentle foot steps sounds on the stair case. It was so nice to feel stress free environment in my building, in neighbourhood, in the market, on the roads, in the restaurants and even on the train station. But this all lasted only for a week or less.

Just in one night, they have disappeared, where has that stress free environment and people have vanished. Have they gone back to mother earth or they have become clouds.  Most probably they are lost in the mystical spaces or rather small hidden corners of their room in the house, work space in the office or on driving seat in their car.  Preparation of getting back into the routine life has already began silently. Monday is around the corner, therefore, friday has also lost its unique quality of being the last day of the working week.

There is no harm in getting back to work, but what I feel uncomfortable or rather I must say I absolutely dislike this feeling of observing stress on faces, in houses and on streets. On every single corner it is so easy to hear the general conversation where people are talking about not feeling enthusiastic about going back to their work.

The question which is continuously knocking my head wall is –

Why is their such a big difference when people undergo a change between Work to Holidays and Holidays to Work?

Change from Work to Holidays – Stress free, people are happy, excited!! Change from Holidays to Work – Stress and Silence!!

Since when the difference between both the changes became so wide? Did anyone even realised? When did both the changes started having almost opposite effect on human behaviour? Why people don’t feel same way in going back to their work spaces? Why no one is trying to do something about it?

Well, one of the reasons could be the work-life balance or rather imbalance. In everyday life people do get back to their houses physically, but in reality they leave their minds in offices or in their computers or in their mobiles.  Its only during the holidays that they really come back home to themselves and to their families physically as well as mentally. But unfortunately, the holidays are so less. Week-ends does not include in holiday list because those are the breaks to sleep or to do pending work or to fulfil essential bodily or family or friends needs or shopping.

The ideal stage would be when their will be similar level of happiness and excitement either ways. If it’s not the way it should be than something need to be change for sure. We all need to think about it and bring right change in ourselves, as well as in our surroundings.

I leave my keyboard at this point! Leaving food for thought for the readers !!

Author: Rashmi R-R


Note: This note is inspired by the observing general human behaviour during this phase of change. Of course, in no way I am indicating that this is the way everyone feels. Being a part of the society we must think about the majority, only than a society could become healthy!!