Sculpture by Zenos Frudakis

(Sculpture- Freedom / Artist – Zenos Frudakis)


Hey You!!

Yes you!!!  Who is reading this post just few hours before the new year count down. Who is sitting in front of a computer with a big sad face. Don’t fill your belly with that burger, those chips and that coke!!again and again and again! They are not going to fulfill your humanly need to enjoy and being with people during celebrations. Your stomach is also pleading you to take him out for a walk!!

What are you doing here, right in front of your computer screen tonight? When the entire world is getting ready to have fun and welcome 2014!!

Its your birth right to enjoy, be happy and welcome new year loudly like everyone else. Why are you trying to deprive yourself from this fun? Why?

Are you sad? Something wrong has happened today, this week, or this month or this year. Or Are you all alone? Someone has left you or you have left someone. Or Are you fed up of people? You don’t fit in and you don’t want to fit in anymore, that’s why you think isolation is best solution!!Hmm!!! Are you sure about it, may be you are slowly converting yourself into being a coward. Why have you locked yourself in the room? Are you the one who do not care whether the year changes or not? For you, it’s really not a big deal. Are you unemployed? You have no resources to enjoy or you do not feel the need to laugh with people. Are you alone because you are not like everyone else? Something is wrong with your looks or your personality or your clothes or your car or your house or your shoes? Hey, do you really care!!! Or you are sitting right in front of your computer because your mood is not right. Or you are sick? Are you that sick that enjoying 1-2 days will worsen your condition. Check!!Check!!

Sorry my dear but you are looking like this, right at this moment!!! Your mirror image!!


Surprised!!! Well reality is always scary!!

My dear you are using all these life events as your excuses!! Why are you doing this? Why are you punishing yourself? No, don’t ask me!! Ask yourself!! Why??

Whatever the reason may be the fact is you are sitting alone without a smile –You are surrounded by four walls and your emotionless machines. You have been convincing yourself you are fine without celebrations and people. May be you are right but may be not. Most probably my friend, the answer is big NO- all is not well!!! And you are simply doing nothing to make it well.

Check right inside you, only you know your truth – if you are happy and satisfied with this self-created situation its alright. But if you are not happy, feeling depressed than break free, right at this moment!!!You are strong enough to make yourself happy!! Aren’t you!! Stop feeling pity for yourself. You are just like everyone else, if all others are enjoying their right to be happy and welcome 2014. You should use that right too!!! Why not?? Do you think all the people outside laughing like anything have no sorrows or problems in their life? My dear you are absolutely wrong, each person born on this earth have to face challenges. Sometimes bad times are around, sometimes good. That’s life!!! If you are going through a bad phase, than to ease your situation, you should take part in the celebration even more. Thinking too much about a problematic situation is not going to solve it anyway. Take it easy!!

What are you doing in your room alone?                                           When the entire world is enjoying!! Common my friend!!! Get up……!!!!

OK!! So finally you are thinking about it…good!!

So, what can you do, now…!!

Well, shut down your computer, you need some music to start with, quickly make your room bit tidy, get dressed, pamper yourself – and than, either call your friend or go out alone. Meet people – friends or strangers who cares!! We need laughter all around!! Who cares from which person they are coming from. Carry yourself in an atmosphere where people are genuinely celebrating (smoke free, drugs free, and alcohol free-atmosphere of course!!)  If you want to stay at home-call people at home or invite your self to your friends/family/relatives house. Visit your granny!! If all this doesn’t work than go to a market watch people enjoying or invite yourself to a nice restaurant. Decorate your home Or why don’t you go to a holy place, many people like to start the new year spiritually, why not!!

No, no watching a movie on new year eve with your dear friend sofa or sitting all alone in a picture hall—ummm!! Not a great idea!! Common!! You don’t want to welcome 2014 this way….!!!

Well, I tried to give some ideas, hope you have understood what I am trying to say. Please don’t be alone and don’t be sad today. I am sending you my company through my writings and my smile too!!

May be you have thousands of problems but they will anyway not get solved today or tomorrow. It’s a holiday!! Problems are also taking a break!! Why don’t you do the same!! Take a break from thinking too much negative!! Free yourself!! Forget about your past, present, future, problems, anxieties, medicines, etc every single thought that is making you feel low………!!

Wherever you are, use your creative mind. Make yourself and everyone around you very happy!! If you can’t bring a smile on your face than bring a smile on others face, you will automatically smile!!

Ok my dear friends whom I have never met before. Didn’t felt like getting ready and enjoying when someone out there might be sitting alone and feeling sad. May be someone will read this note, and I sincerely hope his/her thought process will change or may be not..!! But I tried… this is giving me bit of satisfaction.

May this year brings happiness, joys, and smiles all around you. May you become strong enough to realise that good and bad events are part and parcel of everyone’s life. Don’t stop your life just because a section of your life is not working….!!!! Flow with time……let things happen on their own…sometimes that’s the best way to deal with some situations!! At least, tonight and tomorrow…may you release yourself from all your self made chains and have fun!!!

That’s all for today!!   I am going to get ready!!

I will welcome 2014 with high energy, enthusiasm and big broad smile on my face…………!!!!!!!!!! And I wish to do it with all of you!!!!! Wherever you are, have fun!! Stay safe!!!Lots of love, hugs and best wishes!!!

Cya in 2014……..!!!

Author: Rashmi R-R


Note: There is nothing wrong in being alone on New Year’s Eve. This post is written for the people who are unhappy, sad and waiting for someone to give them a push…to show them their own reality and show them a way out!! We all come in this category on one or the other day and then we all expect that someone would come and carry us out in light. We all want to run away from darkness….Isn’t it!!