(Oil Painting – The Newborn King; Artist – Joseph Brickey)

I was here                                                                                             I could feel
Same ground under my feet
Same air blowing in and out of my nostrils
Same noises making rounds around my ears
Same enthusiasm and same depression
Same positivity and same negativity
Same game of finding and loosing
Same hide and seek of tears and smile
It’s all same
Yes, I was here before

He was also here with me
That someone
Who is residing inside me
Who speaks only to me
Who guides me
Who never sleeps                                                                               Who knows everything                                                                       Who can solve every puzzle

Who travels with me
When I die and When I am born

Yes, I am here                                                                                 Yes, He is here….!!

Author: Rashmi R-R


Note : Inspired by Daily Prompt