new-begin-2013-to-2014  Strangers have recently become our neighbours. We could witness their life from a distance-right across the street. They haven’t unpacked their stuff yet but started decorating for Christmas and New Year. They intend to welcome 2014 in the best way they possibly could. Young couple has pasted two big jingle bells sticker on their front glass door, decorated their shutters and garden with lights. Their sparkling big Christmas tree is also spreading light in our neighbourhood every night. They have been sitting, sleeping, eating and walking in midst of all their cartoons and suitcases. Sometimes, its funny to watch them while crossing their house. Its such a nice view to observe that in midst of all this confusion they are having super fun. One evening they invited their friends, new neighbours and everyone had a blast. All were eating, enjoying and watching a movie!! They didn’t bother about the mess around, the only thing they were bothered about was having fun!! Every second!!!It is a perfect adventurous and fun-filled house shifting, I have ever seen!!

Yesterday, during the fourth Sunday Mass at the Church priest said, we must never say X-mas, we do not want to use “X” for anything or anyone. We must always greet others by saying Merry Christmas. In another belief, last week very nice humble couple had organised wonderful Fire-Ceremony for various personal reasons, and to welcome new year spiritually and happily. During the Yajna Priest was chanting mantras surrounded by the Krishna devotees of all colours. During the ceremony when a little energetic girl was offering rice to the auspicious fire in a… what can I say-let’s say childish way. Priest told her that an offering must always be made in a gentle way. How can anyone in body or spirit could accept an offering made in a rude way or with a sad face. We must always serve in a nice way to anyone and everyone. We must treat others in the same manner as we want to be treated by others. We all want to be served by someone who has a smile on face and love in heart. Basically, a happy person!!

When I spoke with my parents on phone yesterday, my mother told me about her last week life. She had an extremely busy week, she was tired and wanted to rest but she had made her commitments. Like always she decided whatever may happen she will make sure to keep her promises, as much as she possibly can. She was so enthusiastic about her actions and commitments to her social work duties, to her involvement in diverse organisations and her commitment to her home and family, specially my father. She visited those who had lost their family member in an unfortunate turn of events this month and she also visited those who had a new-born or a good news in their family. She dealt with both in one single day. She knows how to manage her emotions and is quite practical. She cried, she laughed!! According to the situation her emotions also goes up and down but she is quite good in bringing her emotions back to neutral. She did all this in between the time when she was satisfied of finishing her everyday duties to her home and her work. I always feel inspired to see her managing her life.

My father told me about his intensive readings in some of his favourite subjects space, philosophy, sports, engineering, spirituality, geography, etc in the last couple of days. He was thrilled to tell me about his realizations and new findings, about new inventions, about the scientific progress, about new sports stars and so many other new things. He is always so eager to know more and more. He is following his everyday agenda of intensive reading along with performing all other everyday duties, which also includes singing songs and praying. He has this enthusiasm, curiosity, and high energy level for every single thing and event, amazing!!

My colleagues told me they had little difficulty in getting into the holiday mode but as soon as they realised there is a lot to do, which is anyway not going to finish this year. They took a break from the paid work and started enjoying paid holidays. They tried to fill their heart with new energy and enthusiasm, turned their mind in holiday mood and started working again, this time related to home, family and faith. They also intend to welcome 2014 in a happy mood, not only by satisfying their boss but also their family and themselves.

A gentle woman told me about her travelling plans, a shopkeeper told me about her week massage package, a gentleman told me about his plans to sleep long every morning and cook and, and, and…….!!!

It made me realised, such people in their most innocent way of everyday life routine and simple plans inspire others to be hopeful and their personal life actions in itself is a teaching for everyone around that – whatever may happen, life goes on!! All of them have started walking towards 2014 in a good and active mood…..!!!We can walk through life with enthusiasm, big smile or keep staring at it and try to question everything we do not understand or rather will never understand, with a big sad face!!

It’s simply our own choice!!!

To be happy and satisfied with what we have and to enjoy with everyone around!!


To keep thinking and be sad about those things/people which either we don’t have or we have lost or we never had in the first place.

But either ways that was meant to be!! So why should we worry?? Stay happy!!

Everything happening in one’s life definitely has one good reason behind it. We all will know it sooner or later. Dots which are continuously connecting to complete our life line will make themselves visible one day and will certainly make sense. So until then, let the dots do their work, we must enjoy and start preparing for the New Year celebrations.

The formula is to live with what one has right at this moment forget about the past and forget about the future!! Live in the present!! Live in the moment!!

Because that’s all one could really do!! So do it with happiness!!! Have fun every second!!

May we all accept this change of 2013 to 2014 with a big broad smile, enthusiasm, and positivity. Learn and Unlearn!!! Empty our minds and heart from all negativity!! Heal ourselves and try to heal others!! Forgive and Forget !! Get involved in the process of making happy memories!! Remember only good memories, save learning from bad memories, rest of it, which bothers you, it’s better to delete. Keep only those people and memories in your mind and heart, which makes you smile!!!

Unburden yourself, you have a long way to go…….travel light!!

But always remember to keep walking whether you are passing through green lands or dry deserts…Keep walking with lots of good will, hope, positive energy, happiness, peace of mind.

Try to accept life – as it is….!!!!

Your life plan is designed by a specialist. May be you can question the specialist sometimes, but never doubt it!! Have faith – It’s the best, in fact perfect – as it is!!

Make everyone happy around!!

Its Christmas time, as they say –                                                                                May Almighty be with you, and also be with me!!!!!

I would like to wish all of you                                                                                      Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

Author: Rashmi R-R