What Courage

(Painting – What Courage / Artist – Francisco De Goya y Lucientes)

May be you will have to walk on the rocky side of the hill, little bit more!!
But keep in mind worst is already over….!!
Keep Walking….!!

Slowly the life events will start turning towards better side!!   This is the rule of nature…!! Don’t get afraid…!!
Keep Walking….!!

Light reveals its original pretty face only after showing the fake evil face of the darkness!! She is testing your will power….!!
Don’t get afraid when you have to walk alone in complete darkness
One tini-mini light hidden inside will guide you further
Keep Walking…..!!

Light is close
Only hear one voice which is right inside you
Keep Walking…!!!

Lead your life ship with honour and pride
Take full control of yourself
Your life and all that comes along with this package
Keep Walking….!!!

You are strong We believe in you Now you have to believe in yourself Keep Walking….!!!

Author: Rashmi R-R


Note: Sometimes ordinary people show extra ordinary courage!!

This is written for all those amazing people….Bravo!!
May almighty be with you!!
May positive people cross your path!!
May you get the wisdom to choose between right and wrong!! May things happen only for your very best…..!!
May you get the strength to face them and defeat all the demons…..!!
Its your life, your decisions
No one has right to judge you!!
Stay strong….!!