(Image – Pagani Huayra, is an Italian mid-engined sports car produced by Pagani)

Roberto ran through the day at a very fast speed. Everything he did was in a speed, right from the moment he left his bed. Teeth were brushed only to respect the morning ritual, splashing water on a face as well on the floor had become a routine, shower was taken just to wet the body, breakfast was pushed inside the mouth to keep the belly under control and all the other things were done for the similar reasons, in a similar way, at a same speed. The red signal at the crossing was one of the most prominent units that was not under Roberto’s control during the day’s activities, it had always been a speed breaker. Roberto continuously spoke almost thousand words inside the closed windows of the car, simultaneously, bashing car steering with full energy. He also gave his watch an angry look. He moved through the parking, lift, and corridors. Even the greetings were exchanged at a rocket speed one after the other. He did take a break for breathing before entering in the office with a mug of coffee. The afternoon as well as evening went by his shoulders sides like a flash light, while he was busy running in between the office doors, files, and folders. He was anxious the entire day, and was afraid of the time, to be specific deadlines!! The last phase of the day came around when he was running his last lapse of the day to reach home before midnight. His eyes were swollen, his stomach was full, he did put in something though he was not sure when and with whom that something was dumped in his hungry belly. He planned to drink something on the way or after reaching home to refill the belly. Someone asked him an address on the way, he looked at the fellow human being as if he saw an alien who had disturbed his day’s mind programming. He did reacted by giving him the information required but he was not very happy about it, he had lost another five minutes and his speed was broken, due to this unwanted disturbance. He twisted the ears of his keys and again drive his car at a very high-speed.

Suddenly, in the middle of nowhere his car broke down. The steering wheels again got a bashing and watch an angry look. Steering wheels were tired of him; they decided to raise their voice against this torture and exploitation. With the help of all other car machine parts they revolted together, a loud horn started blowing with anger, it didn’t stop until Roberto was almost out of the car’s sight. With a heavy briefcase handcuffed around his wrist like a prisoner, a tight knot called tie packed his neck from all sides, his shoe laces made sure that the feet couldn’t run anywhere else except between home and office, and his dry cleaned new coat was not ready to come and sit on his shoulders because it wanted to display its elegance, only by standing next to his shoulders. His poor shoulders decided to face the road, as if wanted to hug the road. After an hour of walking in speed on a deserted road, he was tired. It was the first time in the day when he decided to break his speed. The road was shining with the reflection of moon; he hadn’t seen this view in years.

moon painting 2008 Louise LeBourgeois'

(Painting by Louise LeBourgeois, 2008)

He looked up with a sad face and saw the big smile of the full moon. Moon was the only one who was still accompanying him, when every one else left him; even his beloved mobile betrayed him in the crisis. While walking, his expressions started changing, first he was angry, than he was sad, than he felt all right and finally he felt happy. His day programming was challenged, he felt quite good, there were no sign of any anxiety, this didn’t happen to him in many days. He was confused, bit scared, so he again pulled his throat down, he didn’t wanted moon to know about his confusion. After walking for half an hour without looking up in the sky, he thought about moon’s routine. How it starts from a thin curved line to become a full circle and then goes back to being a thin curved line. Why does it pass through such a process everyday? He thought, may be the change makes him feel alive, or monotony is not his cup of tea or perhaps, he is afraid to stay in one form or may be, he has understood the bigger truth of life or perhaps, he reduces himself again to make sure his ego is balanced. Well, whatever the reason is, it  walks through this proccess in a very elegant way, slowly, silently and peacefully. Whoever accompanies moon he feels peaceful too. After giving a lot of thought Roberto came to a conclusion that moon has acquired this kind of effect because of its discipline and simplicity. It performs its duties timely, according to the agenda, which was made in such a way that could give him as well as the fellow beings a pleasure of not only reaching the goal but also enjoying the process in between. Moon never engages in unnecessary and unhealthy competitions of running at high speed. That’s why it looks so calm, relaxed, satisfied, peaceful and beautiful.

Suddenly, a beam of light flashed into Roberto’s eye. Some stranger on the road came  to rescue him, he got the lift. While sitting next to the driver’s seat, he looked up at the moon and thanked him. The next morning his life was changed, his speed reduced, he became a happy man without anxiety……!!

Author: Rashmi R-R