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(“Two Women Sitting in garden” – Painting by Arthur George Walker)

Conversation between two young women sitting in a garden, discussing about hustle and bustle in the city.

Ruka – What is it that everyone is looking for?

Mujjal – Stability Tree!!

Ruka – Stability Tree!! What is it?

Mujjal – People who have stability tree in their compound, their peace of mind, happiness, career, finance, relationships, house, and everything that comes in the category of being unstable, converts into being stable. Because of this tree, a person is able to live a very content, satisfied and honest life. He does not have to pretend or fake anything in their lives.

Ruka – Do you really believe in this stuff, a tree in his compound could impact the life or in your words stability. He will be able to stay satisfied and content throughout his life. And you think he will stay calm, relaxed and not a single force on this earth will be able to make him unstable, even if his life train will increase its speed on a roller coaster ride or it will collide or if it will breakdown on the way.

Mujjal – Yes, I think so! That’s what I have heard.

Ruka – Is everyone running blindly here and there in search of this tree. Are you kidding me (Rukka makes fun of Mujjal)

Mujjal – Yes, that’s the reality!! (Mujjal in a serious tone)

Ruka – Ok! If it’s a reality and if this tree exist, where can we find it and why no one has found it until now.

Mujjal – I have heard it grows in every single mind. Only few wise man and women are able to find it. Rest spends their life only searching for it, that’s why they keep running.

Ruka – That means none of us is wise!! (laughs again)

Mujjal – Yes, that’s true!! (laughs). An old man in my neighbourhood has found that tree!! He told me once.

Ruka – Prove it!

Mujjal – You have to come along to witness the proof yourself.

(Ruka and Mujjal went to Mr. Bonnenza’s house. They saw him sitting in the garden.)

Mujjal – Goodevening, Mr. Bonnenza!

Mr. Bonnenza – Goodevening my dear! Come inside!!

(Ruka and Mujjal were served tea and snacks in the living room. They already felt something special about this old man, his family, that house and its environment.)

Mujjal – Mr. Bonnenza, my friend is not convinced that you have found the stability tree. She wants to see it with her own eyes.

Mr. Bonnenza – Of course, my dear! I will certainly show you. But first you have to solve a small riddle. He pointed towards four small paintings nailed on the wall, side by side and asked them to find out the meaning of those paintings.

Ruka – Well! all of them has one thing in common same couple with two kids, one family.

Mujjal Each painting has different season.

Mr. Bonnenza – Excellent!! You have reached very close. These four pictures indicates towards a family passing through four seasons together – repeatedly.

(He asked both the young women to follow him. After crossing a corridor, they reached in a big cozy room)

Family Tree

Mr. Bonnenza – Ladies!! This is my stability tree, he showed them a big painting of a family tree. As you could see the smiling faces on different parts of the tree, they are my close and extended family. All the ripened fruits, green leaves, strong branches and stout stem make this tree stable. They are proof that stability tree exists.

(Ruka and Mujjal exchanged looks, quietly!)

Ruka – Sir, could you please elaborate!

Mr. Bonnenza – Imagine a big multinational company, where the work is divided between various departments. Each department head has to make sure that the scorecard must show a green colour, in short positive. If all the units are green, the company is declared to be in a stable condition. Similarly, I am the head of this unit, my family. The scorecard of my unit has very few red lights. Whenever, there is a red light in a certain section we all put our best efforts to make it green. Since, the results until now are quite positive my unit is stable. We also try to help when another unit need us, only when there will be green lights in all the units. We, as a community will be fully stabilize. Similarly, I have to make sure all the faces you see in this tree prosper, once they all are green, my family tree automatically converts into a stability tree. Simultaneously, all other trees are doing the same. In crisis, we help each other.

Ruka – Where did you find it?

Mr. Bonnenza – I didn’t even knew that this tree existed during my teenage. In my twenties, I heard about it; in thirties, I started looking for it and just one year before the beginning of my forties, I found it!! And since than my aim is only to make sure that it stay in good health. I have accepted a role of a caretaker of this tree, for life time. Until its green it will stay in my compound. The day it will start turning into other colour, on the same day, it will also start the process of disappearing. And than, I will again have to search for it in the dense jungle of my mind and heart. I am not sure, if I will be able to find it again in this lifetime, therefore, I am trying my best to keep it green. So, you see that’s how I have found my stability tree!!

Ruka and Mujjal (together) – Can we also find it?

Mr. Bonnenza – Yes, my dear you can find it too. We all have a stability tree hidden inside us, the only problem is, we take too long to know about its existence and even when someone informs about it, we do not pay much attention. The sooner you will go in search of this tree inside you, the sooner you will find it and the sooner you will be stable and content…!!!

Ruka and Mujjal felt satisfied with the explanation. They thanked Mr. Bonnenza, came back home, found a peaceful corner and started looking for their stability tree…!!

Author: Rashmi R-R


Dedicated to the old guy in my neighbourhood and to all those people who have found their stability tree!!