(Conversation between Soul and Body)

Soul – Can you hear me!!

Body – Yes, I can still hear you!!

Soul – I was not ready for this! I am sorry I left you all alone!!

Body – Nothing has changed between you and me,

except this that –

You are now travelling bit faster than me

You are now weightless but I am still carrying the weight of bones & skin

You are now free but I am still tied up in the circles of life

You are now invisible but I am still visible

Soul – I am happy to hear that you understand

Take good care of yourself and our family

Utilise this precious gift of being in human body properly,

Do not waste your time in crying

You are very much alive, do not treat yourself as a dead person

Do not forget, you also have limited time here

Make sure you do not waste it!!

Body – Are you happy where ever you are?

Soul – Yes, I am very happy!!

HE is taking good care of me

I have to follow orders

I am quite busy but it’s very peaceful here

Body – uuuuuu (cries)

I want to be with you!!

I want to see you!!

Soul – Please do not cry, your tears hold me back

They make me suffer, I need to continue my journey now

I need to follow the orders!!

When you smile, I feel happy too!!

My journey becomes easier!!

Please be happy, for my sake!!

Body – How can I stay happy without you?

Soul – Pray, as much as you can!!

Take care of people around you!!

Light candle every morning and every evening!!

Be kind to everyone, donot judge anyone!!

Try to walk on the right path!!

We will be connected if you will follow this

You must sincerely do your worldly duties

You need to accomplish your goals, soon!!

You do not have much time left

Remember, you are not going to stay here for ever

Does it make you feel better?

Body – Yes, it did!

Soul – So promise me you will start living

a normal life from tommorow!!

Do not give up!! You are more powerful than you think!!

Feel the presence, understand the whole!!

Body – I promise!!

Soul : We will meet again, soon!!

Body – Yes, We will meet again, soon!!

Soul – Bye!

Body – Bye!

Author: Rashmi R-R


Note: Dedicated to the victims and survivors 9/11 and other man-created disasters around the world.