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twist When Michael entered in the freshman year he had never ever twisted in his life. As soon as he opened the door of the hostel room alloted to him, someone pulled him in. That strange guy started twisting while holding his hand. This person was Johnny his room-mate, also a freshman and a big fan of  twist legend Chubby Checker. Every organ in Johny’s body was twisted from top to bottom. Influenced by the twist video being played repeatedly, and company of the people laughing and twisting in his room as well as on the wall posters, in a month’s time Michael was changed from being a non-twisted guy to a twisted one too.

Roommates named their room “twisted room” and they called themselves “happy twisters”. Every single decoration in the room was inspired by this dancing style. Room visitors were informed that the special art in that room also had a name “twisted art”. An automatic audio system was specially designed by those brilliant innovative engineers, after every single hour, excluding the sleeping time, the CD was played automatically and as per the rule of that room, everyone present had to start twisting as soon as the music reached their eardrums. Every hour was a surprise, sometimes the music ran its course for half an hour while sometimes only for five minutes. Soon the automated system as well as living style was adopted by all the rooms in the hostel. Its main operating unit was in the “Twisted room”, which was connected to other subunits including rooms, office, information centre, waiting room, toilets, even the corridors. As soon as the music played everyone used to leave everything aside, start twisting and gradually laughing. All kinds of big- small worries, anxieties, tensions were being forgotten while twisting. Cleaning was done while twisting too.

Semesters went by freshman became the seniors, by then twist system was being followed by other hostel buildings too. All the students studied, ate, drank, laugh, cried while twisting. Finally, the day came when the original happy twisters left the twisted room. It was handed over to the new freshman but inspired by the previous owner and their stories the new room owners continued with the routine. They made no changes in the room style or deco, they took the charge of the main unit and this went on for many years.

A decade later a survey team found out that during those ten years the percentage of  sick students was the least. The news of the survey results spread quickly, a twisted room alumni meeting was organised, all the “Happy twisters”, went through a medical examination and it came out in the report that none of them had heart disease, stomach disorder, high blood pressure or cholesterol problem. Twisting became so much part of their life that even after leaving the hostel as well as their youth they continued twisting.

Together, they realised in the last phase of their journey, it was twisting that didn’t let them fall at any phase of life, their lives were twisted at every single turn after leaving the student life but twisting helped them to accept the life challenges in a very subtle and interesting way. Nothing could stop them from twisting, nothing at all, they twisted in sadness and they twisted in happiness. When Johnny was taken to the hospital in his 70’s, Michael along with other happy twisters gathered and twisted together in his hospital room like the old times. Even in unconscious state he responded, he twisted his fingers and feet, smiled and went away twisting. They celebrated his departure while twisting during the farewell ceremony and their twisting continued …..!! What a Twist…!!!

Author: Rashmi R-R


Note: Dedicated to “Twist Legend” Mr. Chubby Checker, his Twist and to all the people who have contributed in the development of this dance style!! Let’s Twist….!!

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