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Desert While standing somewhere in a desert, surrounded by hot mountains of sand and staring sun. He asked himself, in which direction should he walk. All the directions have already been tried and all of them brought him back to the same place. He was completely confused, there were too many directions and no sign board. Full liberty was given to him to choose the direction, the only problem was his efforts were being sucked by the sand, he was not getting any result. Nothing at all was working for him in spite of his hard work.

The relationship between him (as employee) and desert (as employer) was getting from being difficult to being worse. Employer gave him residence for unlimited duration of time, initially he thought that was the best deal he could ever find. He was even given a privilege to leave his body and bones until they decay and even after that for unlimited duration of time, that too free. He thought, what else does he need.

His only task was to solve a puzzle – How to get out of that desert?

Employee thought the task was quite simple when he was signing the contract. He thought he knew all the paths, the way he entered the same way he will be able to go out. Without a hesitation in his mind he had signed the contract happily. Very soon he realised that the benefits bestowed on him by his generous employer were actually the tricks to trap him. He got anxious, he tried to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible, but he couldn’t. His food and water storage were decreasing. His energy level and hope to lead a normal life also started diminishing. As the days were passing the rich employer even managed to get more sun on his premises to make it harder for his employee. Every single day when the employee walked, and tried to solve the puzzle. He dreamt of a good life just after solving that one single puzzle, and a sincere wish to spend time with his loved ones and taste his favourite drink and food in peace.

His falling on a monstrous size sand bed like a dry leaf had become a regular activity every night. Only the moon gave him little comfort. Every night his powerless body used to complain moon through their eyes? The questions asked were quite old, no innovation had taken place in this area.

Why me? Why is it happening to me? Are some of the favourite questions being asked universally by millions at the same time in the same condition. Moon was tired of replying the same answers. So years back he had recorded the answers, to be re-recorded with another set of answers when the questions will change. But questions never changed, so answers are still repeating themselves. He asked the same question every single night.

Moon replied, you are directing your questions in the wrong direction. My job is to give your body little comfort after it is trained by hot and strict sun. Just for your information you are not the only one who is in this condition, so stop crying. If you like you can send your application to the creators department. I am not sure if they have enough resources to reply everyone, but you can certainly try.

He listened carefully, and decided to follow the instructions of the moon the next day. He fell asleep and got up with a hope. Entire day was again spent in an unsuccessful attempt to solve the puzzle. At night while lying down on his tired backbone, he took help from the eyes, he moved them in all the directions in search of creators address but he found nothing, so he decided to make a draft in his mind.

He wrote,


The Creators Department Anyone who is reading, could reply!!

Dear Sir/Madam

The conditions are quite difficult here (please check on the live stream – trapped in the desert). I am working for the desert since many days now. But, I have not received any  reimbursement for my hard labour, even the water facilities are not being provided, what shall I tell you about food. Working in this condition has brought me to a place where there is no money, no water, no food, no security, no future, no dreams. This employer has completely dominated and consumed my physical, financial and mental capabilities. Slowly, he is also taking away my hope. I am only left with a body which is also becoming a burden to carry around and hand full of memories which are also clashing with each other on several occasions.

I have been informed by Moon that you receive such complaints on per/second basis. Kindly, add one more in your piles of application. In case you can’t solve the problem, please reply with a simple word “received”. So that I will at least know that someone has read it. Your suggestions and help to solve this desert puzzle will be more than welcome.

The mail was sent from the mind in the universe. Days passed, employee kept on walking, talking to moon every night and waiting for the reply. Reply didn’t came!!

Than came a time when the employee could not get up at all, his eyes stopped moving. The only thing which was moving in his body was a heart beat. It was the time of sunrise, rays fell in his non moving eyes. Slowly the rays covered all his body. The rays were creators messenger, who whispered in the ears of the employee.

Sunrays said,

Dear employee

We have received your honest letter, it was heartfelt so creator head has sent us personally to deliver the message.

Here are the messages for you,

Either stay and fight or leave forever!! Don’t get stuck in between!! Don’t wait for a miracle!! It will come when it has to, not when you want it to!! Creator’s reactions are result of your actions!! Don’t complain!!

Here are some suggestions,

You have to take the first step, take decision. Once you will take a strong decision and will stay adamant on it. You will start receiving the support!! Leave the rest on the creator’s department, they will take good care of your case!! Simply believe!!

Here are some words of wisdom,

It’s all planned already than why ask and why worry!! Simply act the best in the role you are given!!

Your decisions will be fully supported. We wish you good luck from the creators team. Good morning!!

Employee smiled, thanked creators team, closed his eyes, and left his body & bones in the desert. At the same time a helicopter coming back from the rescue operation saw the employee’s body. They came, tried to wake him up but they couldn’t. He had already made up his mind to “leave forever”.

If he could have just stayed and fought for 10 more minutes……….!! One of the team member said aloud. The other member replied, who knows what is right and what is wrong, may be sometimes it is better to leave than to suffer forever.

The entire team spoke together – Right or wrong! Who knows?

The desert saw the helicopter taking away the entire body of the employee with all his bones intact, he could do nothing to stop. Employee finally managed to solve the puzzle…!!

Author: Rashmi R-R