Flower of the Sun Once upon a time in the 15th century a sailor from humble background brought a sunflower painting for his pregnant wife. A face of a smiling child was shining in between the sunflower leaves, this was the specialty of that remarkable painting. Family and friends perceived the child in the picture as the upcoming family star. The baby in the womb also heard about himself for nine months everyday, he came out in the world presuming and believing that the boy in the poster is him. He was given a title by the family – flower of sun. All his life he embraced this title with a big smile and reflected the glow of the sun in his activities. Spring, summer, autumn and winter visited him on regular intervals for many years. His name grew far and wide, chests of the family were always bloated because of him. He finally got a chance to hang the same painting in his own room wall when his beautiful wife was pregnant. The hanging of this sunflower painting became a family tradition for generations. The family belief even got its proper definition If a pregnant woman will have that painting in her room for nine months the child will come out in the world and shine, otherwise an evil will be born.

With time the original painting was torn apart but before it took the last breath a similar copy was made. It took the form of a wall poster in the 16th century and in 20th century it became an electronic wall hanging. Generations followed the sunflower image as a pious family tradition, soon the entire community started believing in this practise. The gift brought out of love by an ordinary sailor became a serious family or rather families tradition.

With the arrival of the 21st century a mishap took place. Due to a virus attack the sun flower image as well its backup disappeared for ever. It was declared that the next seed of the family will never see the sun or will be born at the night time – time of evil. The family priest’s prophecies proved to be true. Twins – a boy and a girl, were born at the last hour of the day. They received the tag of an evil on their arrival. The newborns were not given any welcome kisses, rather they were left alone with their mother on the day of their birth in isolation for a lifetime. Their parents got divorced, they saw the harsh face of the world and they became the laughing-stock of every street corner. Siblings were punished throughout their life because a virus attack was successful in making an electronic sunflower image disappear forever. Their depressed and sick mother passed away in poverty. She was not given a decent family goodbye, neither did she got a dignified family place beneath the earth. Just after her departure the siblings finally broke their silence, they shot everyone alive. All the superstitious family, relatives and friends lay soaked in blood a fog of complete silence covered the streets.

Next day, the newspaper headlines read –                                                                  Were the twins evil by birth or they were forced to become evil?

Author: Rashmi R-R