home He was born and grew up in that house unaware of the changing attitude of the people growing inside different rooms. As a toddler he was asked to play in the garden and run around only in one room. As soon as the toddler eyes started becoming big and curious he turned his head around and felt like exploring other rooms too. While growing up he saw all kinds of coloured bodies coming in and going out of different rooms. He wanted to know them, meet them and understand them. He always perceived them as family. He wondered why was he restricted from exploring and meeting his siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles. Soon, he found out that there exist a room entry pass. He didn’t understand the reasons but still he followed the rules and got the permission to explore other rooms. He was excited to meet the other members of the family and didn’t felt much difference in emotional connections.

Within a day or two all the familiar but still new set of eyes turned around him and asked him not to sit on a particular place, or not to do this or not to do that. He didn’t understood, Why?? that’s what he always asked. He heard in whispers, “he is a foreigner, he can’t take any decision, he can’t sit on that seat, he is nobody in this room. We do not care whether he has potential to develop our room, he is a foreigner and these are the rules for foreigners which he must follow”. He didn’t understood any of those dialogues, with a confused mindset he went out of the room to meet his childhood friends playing in the garden. While playing, they stopped him in between and said, you can’t do this, you can’t take part in this or that, you can’t sit there!! He again asked, Why?? He again heard the whispers, “He simply can’t because he chose to explore other rooms, he wanted to know other people, foreigners!!! He broke the traditional rules, so he has no right to speak or indulge in any talks of this room”.

Young boy was disheartened, sad and confused. He ran far away from the House, sat on a bench with his only friend left in this world, who always stood right behind him– a big old Tree. They both clearly saw from a distance a beautiful house, all the sections of the house, as well as the activities of all the family members. He scratched his head, once, twice, many times, he tried to understand. He discussed with the tree, entire day until sun finally left them alone. He was trying to make sense of what his family members from different rooms told him and discussed among themselves in whispers. He still could not understand.

What his eyes could see from inside the house as well as from outside the house was simply one beautiful house and one big family. His eyes could not see any borders of any kind. He saw everyone growing under one roof, he did not understood why his family members have so many borders and differences. He perceived no one as foreigner, for him all were family. Initially, the maker of the house had made so many partitions for a comfortable and healthy growth of each member of the family but with time the partitions have divided the home as well as mind and hearts. Boy understood the dynamics of the house, he promised himself that he will never become a part of this separation mentality. For him there is only one home and everyone living in it are family. There are no foreigners, everyone around is family!! Boy was very proud of his understanding, his wonderful home and one big family irrespective of what his family members thought….!!!He thanked tree, got up and ran once again towards his Home to make all his family members understand there are no foreigners, there are no borders and there are no differences, it’s all in mind!!!

Author: Rashmi R-R


“..I believe the world is one big family and we need to help each other…” – Jet Li