Beast Attack She got up with the first ray of sunlight, looked at the Sun and told him, “I am ready to do today what I must”. Flowers in the garden right outside her pink window greeted her good morning. She carried the fragrance of her home, wrapped the wishes of her family in a take away, folded her to-do list and off she went. She said goodbye, but she knew it’s a goodbye only until evening, she knew she will come back with a tired body but proud chest. Her high spirit will tell the air around about her day’s victory and her soul will be proud of her achievements. She thought, she was ready for all the up coming events of that particular day.

Yes, she came back in the evening with a tired body and scratched chest. Air around knew everything about the day’s events, her clothes and soul was torn apart. Her bag was full of blood filled bandages and medicines. Her legs couldn’t even manage to stand still with the body, mind and soul weight. Just in few hours, she became heavy, very heavy!! How will she get rid of this weight in this life time?

In the morning when she was leaving her home, at the same time evil group was planning to call it a “Hunting Day”. They knew their will be someone out there an innocent being, unaware of their evil trap. They were so confident that they even prepared for the evening victory celebration in advance. They knew all about the behavior of the innocent beings, they are never prepared, they are unarmed, and the only thing they could probably do is scream or try to run.

While preparing for hunting they even discussed this topic, they said, “We don’t even have to learn any modern techniques. We have been practicing and applying the old art of trapping since ages and they get trapped so easily. These human never learn the modern art of rescuing themselves. They always look shocked as well as all their kind of people right after our victory. We never understood what is so shocking about it. We are beasts, we are ready to hunt at any time of the day. We will never become human, but of course we welcome any human to join our group. But humans consider themselves quite weak, and these beautiful feminine beings will never learn the art of rescuing themselves. Even if they did they will never be able to defeat us, we always hunt in groups….hahahah….loud laughter!!!!!!!”.

Beast conversation is a thought for the day. Something which humans need to think, find strategies to defeat them, human beings must learn new strategies to defeat them.

Let us all engage in the fight of good over evil….!!!

Author: Rashmi R-R


Note: Dedicated to the gang-raped victim a photo journalist (22 yrs) on 23 August 2012 and all the rape victims around the world.