All the routes are leading us towards the same destination!!

Follow the path you have chosen for yourself
Path on which you feel comfortable
Path on which you could stay connected for long time
Path which could make you feel at home
Path which could bring joy and peace in your life

Believe and Respect all the other paths
and the people who are walking sincerely on their chosen path
Everyone is same but different!!

We are going towards the same destination
simply following different routes.

Pure believer (irrespective of his or her chosen path)
see HIM everywhere and in everyone……!!

Follow the paths with the open eyes, not with the closed ones
Follow but do not get trapped into unhealthy superstitions
Follow but be aware what you are following and why you are following
Follow only when you feel the connection

Each individual has different way of connecting
Each individual sees HIM in different forms
Sometimes even without a form…….!!!

Each path has certain rules, maps, guidelines
Follow the rules if you possibly can
It will save your time and will help you in finding the destination

But of course if you are an adventurous person
Wants to find your own way out
Give it a try but do not get lost
The moment you feel you are loosing it
Open and follow the guidelines
Follow the people who know the way

Connection is important
Connection is necessary
Each individual has a “Unique Wireless Connection” with HIM

It’s so wonderful!!! Each individual has a connection story to tell!!!
I wish, I could hear them all !!!

Author: Rashmi R-R