I AM Today, I saw a very thin short man having “I M Powerful” printed in black bold letters on his T-shirt. He was having hard time carrying even his normal grocery bag. While waiting for my tram underneath really hot sun, I thought why did he bought this specific t-shirt, was it some kind of self-motivation for himself or perhaps it was a gift from someone who inspires him. The thought came and then disappeared in the crowd and sweat, I almost forgot about it. It was so strange after some time the same man found a place to sit right opposite to me in the tram. My thoughts stream turned backwards and again started moving on the same path which was left earlier. This time, I was able to read the words on the t-shirt clearly!! Well!! Universe wanted me to read it, that was nature’s plan today!!

The full sentence was…”I M Powerful Within…” (within.. ..was written in small grey letters hardly visible from distance).

Yes, He was a Powerful Man!!!
“Within” is such a hidden strong word!!

Author : Rashmi R-R


Dedicated to that powerful man!!