After an extremely exhausting day of work, Mr. Harrison was tired but still worried about his operation the next morning. With this thought in his mind, he cuddled himself in a warm blanket, conveyed thanks to the supreme power and tried to sleep but to his surprise he couldn’t. Everyone experiences these feelings on one or the other day, when  one really want to sleep but you simply can’t!!!

Anyways, Mr. Harrison decided to read an interesting novel while waiting for his dear sleep to come and meet him. But his eyes simply refused to do an extra shift of work. So he requested his ears to help him out!! Well! Twins agreed!! Plans changed he had to use his another set of leisure instrument called “Radio”, ears in his body company were well-trained to work with this tool.

Eyes went to bed with a big note outside “Closed!! Do not disturb”. So he had to depend on his fingers and ears to finish the last additional work of the day. To his surprise, fingers choose something quite interesting for him. Someone was speaking about, How to start your day every morning? Ears suddenly started concentrating on the job. If the work is interesting concentration develops itself. The speaker narrated, one should start the day like a sparrow or a tulip!! Sparrow does not care what will happen “tomorrow”, it simply thinks about today, with every sunrise she leaves her home in search of food and the entire day she enjoys flying in the open sky. Likewise, tulips bloom beautifully, spread their fragrance everywhere and sleeps when it is time to sleep.

He couldn’t resist, and quickly requested eyes to do a last favor for him. Twin sisters were disgusted by him, but accepted his request with angry look. They told him the name of the station was, “UK FM hope”. That piece of information was enough for him!! He switched off the radio, lights, eyes, ears and started thinking, “..someone is taking care of me. Those were the only words I wanted to hear tonight….”.

All of a sudden, all his operation day worries disappeared. He was imagining sparrow and tulips in the garden and went into deep sleep. Next morning when he got up, the first thought came in his mind was, “I will be a Sparrow, today”!!

Author : Rashmi R-R


Good morning Everyone!!! May you also start your day like a sparrow tulip!! Today, this is what you need to do, simply consider yourself either a tulip or a sparrow and act like them….!! Good luck!!

!sparrow and tulip