Everyone has to die one day and my belief is we meet our loved ones who have left us, one day. May be in different forms, may be in some other life,  when?  I don’t know but we will meet them for sure.

Therefore, do not end your beautiful life until you are living. You have to live and live happily, take care of all your loved ones who are still around and take good care of your self. You can support other person only when you can support yourself first. We are blessed to have human body, we must make use of this body to serve humanity. Be happy for everyone, be sad if someone suffers, try to become their strength. Participate in the causes, where ever you are!!!

Whenever you feel low….PRAY!! pray as much as you can, keep the light in you burning always.

May all our loved ones stay healthy, positive and blessed!!!

Author: Rashmi R-R


images.1 Dedicated to the – Sandy Hook Elementary School-Survivors, their loved ones, parents, kids, supporters and courageous teachers. May the souls of the victims rest in peace and may their families face this difficult time with lot of strength.