WP45: Service or Offence

Service or Offence

Sometimes people think they are doing service for Almighty but they end up doing exactly opposite of it (knowingly or unknowingly). Since last few months we have a group of believers in our area (don’t want to name the group / religion) but they have a method to spread the name of Almighty in which they go from door to door, ring the door bell at any time, explain about their belief and distribute pamphlets. All these people are also doing normal jobs but they devote some time for their belief. Being a devotee myself and a believer of supreme power I appreciate and respect their services. But by saying that I will not hesitate to openly talk about my concern that sometimes a person get so much involved in service and following the rules that they forget when they have crossed the line and they do not even realise when the service has become offence, bad karma.

So coming back to this group, they keep ringing the bells in our building as well as in our neighbourhood at any time of the day. We have people around who are old they get alarmed when they hear loud door bell, or when strangers visit them without any prior information they get scared; We have small babies around if they wake up they take million years to go back to their sleep and mother really suffers, sometimes she gets sick because of lack of sleep; We have disabled people for them it’s not easy to do simple acts such as opening the doors quickly, it’s a big risk that they can fall in anxiety; We have people who are working in late shifts if they don’t get sound sleep, they will keep taking the headache tablets and feel uneasy for the next two days. So basically most of the people in present times have to be informed in advance if visitors are coming so that they can prepare themselves. In our society (yours and mine) we have all kinds of people living in our neighbourhood who are sensitive to noises and strangers.

And these groups who are just satisfying their urge to do the service come and ring loud door bells and bother God’s people!!! What kind of service is it? No, its not a service, its an offence towards God and his people.

I have discussed this issue and informed them about the problems. People are suffering because of this method which they are using to spread their belief. In fact, I gave them the suggestion that if you really want to do it than the best way to do it is in the public places or the place of belief or visit homes in which people invite you or simply drop a message in the post. If someone is really interested they will come and meet you. It’s really not nice to force people to believe in what you believe, its wrong. Most of the time these people ignore our remarks and suggestions. I think authorities must do something to stop them. They keep repeating this act and keep trying to enter in the private spaces of the people at any time. They are blindly following the instructions and methods which are made many years ago. But one should understand times have changed follow your belief, do what ever you want to do. But don’t do it blindly. People are suffering because of your acts. And by the way such kinds of acts does not come in the category of a service to Almighty. These are selfish people who want to satisfy themselves by using the name of Supreme power.

May I kindly request every one to stop such people / groups if you see them doing harm to any being (irrespective of religion) do your best to STOP them. They are not devotees, they are not God’s people…they are confused, selfish and misguided people.

God is one and the real service to him should be harmless, 100% pure than one can connect to HIM. Not by getting involved in such acts. Serve God, do service in the temple, church, gurudwara, mosque..!! Spread the name in public places…!! Sing, Dance ….!!But remember God’s people do not harm God’s creation in any way. If one will understand this simple thing than only one will be able to do the right service, only than one can truly connect with HIM. Think before you follow…!!! God has given us beautiful brain..use it…!!

I am a devotee myself, strong believer of Almighty, I am also believing/ following my belief strongly, I visit the holy places regularly, I respect devotees (irrespective of their faith) and I am also doing service regularly. But I also know what service really means and I also know who the real devotees are. I sincerely hope everyone could see and understand this difference and I would also recommend if you are following a path (any belief/ any religion) than associate with the right people, right devotees, people who have right knowledge. Do not get misguided by the wrong literature, wrong practices, wrong methods and fake people. Think…!!

Wish you relaxing weekend!!!
Rashmi R-R